LeapMotion Experiment

Interaction Desgin

With my friend Axel Masson, we wanted to explore the possibilities of
the LeapMotion, and we worked on a virtual air drum.
Have a look at the final result!

Discovering the LeapMotion

This project was made in 2014

Curious about the LeapMotion, we wanted to experiment it, to discover the possibilities and the limits of this device. At first, we were really excited about it, because of the videos we have seen: easy to interact with, perfect hand-recognition... At that time, we were thinking about many intersting ways to use it.

But unfortunately, after unboxing it, installing it, and directly tried the LeapMotion "built-in" applications, we were disappointed of its accuracy. Sometimes it recognizes well the hand, but you can lose easily one of your finger, they don't appear anymore on the screen.


An air drum

As we were looking at each other trying to interact the LeapMotion, our hands movement in the air reminded us the movement of somebody playing drums. So why not making a virtual air drum?

We started to think about how to build it. We defined some movement to relate them to some sounds, and made some zone in the air to really differenciate them. We also created an interface on Processing, in order to give a visual feedback to the player, to know where he is placing his hands.




Even if we seperated well the different zone, the LeapMotion is still not accurate enough. Watch this video to have a look on what we made!