My name is Louis, and I am a UX and Service designer.

Before starting design, I was studying law. I wanted to work on topics that match people’s real life problems and help them. But, the studies did not really fit what I was looking for: boring and not creative enough. After that, a friend convinced me to take the exam of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, because I was made for it according to him. And he was right! 

I discovered what design really is, all the wideness of application fields and above all, that it was not incompatible with my previous aspirations. During my five years at my design school, I always tried to aim my projects on real problems and work on solutions. 

During all my experiences, I have worked with many methodologies and processes, which is essential while working on a design project. From user researches, creative workshops, to ideation session and user testing, I have experimented distinct methods and tools, and I am always looking for discovering new ones!

Talking about that, I am currently working on a side project with some friends. We are passionated about creativity and its different methodologies and processes, we want to collect stories of designers, entrepreneurs about a project they have made, the story of their company, what happened and what kind of choices they had to make, what kind of tools they have used.

I see teamwork as something essential. I like to work with new people, and I do what’s necessary to make them feel confident and show them that I am a good partner.

Here is my resume.

I am curently available and looking for new experiences. Let's talk!